Our focus is on how we can help you with your marketing needs. It's not about the services we provide, rather, the results of those services that make us different. Some of the services and results you can expect

from MJC Promos are:

Message Development - We work with you to create the right message for your business. We help you

determine what makes your business unique and stand out above the rest. Then we assist you in providing that message consistently on all of your marketing materials. The results are that you have a professional look

and consistency on all that you do. 

Target Marketing - We study your business and look at your current customers and determine what your "perfect" customer looks like. Then, we find them through a variety of resources and determine how they will best receive your

information. The results are that you save money by utilizing target marketing and not throw money away on advertising to people who may never use your service or product.

Marketing Campaigns - We work with your company to develop the best way to communicate your message. Each company has unique needs and we look at your budget, and your overall strategy to determine the best means to spread the word about your organization. The results of this service is that budget conscience companies can afford excellent marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy - Because we customize a strategy for your business, we perform research about your company, your audience, your competition and your market. We develop a personalized marketing strategy that is flexible to meet your

needs. The results are that you receive a strategy that is tailored for your company and has realistic and attainable goals that ordinary mortals and busy business people can reach!

Project Implementation - Now you have this excellent strategy, you are excited about the opportunity to reach your target audience with your new and improved message, but lack the time and energy to make anything happen. This

scenario is very common to small business and at MJC Promos, we work with you to implement your custom plan and give your business the chance to see results from your marketing efforts. The results are putting your plans in to action, and you know that actions speak loader than words.

Call MJC Promos today and let's talk about what we can do for you. We customize our projects for what you can afford. We can work for you for a few days or a few months. Some of our clients have been with us for years. It's up to

you to make the call. Call today and make this year the year you decide to grow your company!